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Qlik Sense Polygon Limits

Hi there. I am loading a big KML file with 5560 polygons, but only the first 1000 are loaded. There is some limit?

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Re: Qlik Sense Polygon Limits


Yes, there is a limit how many objects that sense map can display. It might be possible to display the data in IdevioMaps (see http://bi.idevio.com) but the main problem is that there is too much data to display all together. A drill-down approach is the usual way to solve this in IdevioMaps.

See this thread where the question is the same:

Large parts of KML map missing



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Re: Qlik Sense Polygon Limits

Hi, Johan!

thanks for the response... But more than 1000 polygons should be rendered and loaded... Even i doing drill down it hasn't have on the native object. It is a terrible limitation...

I already seen idevio maps on Qonnections, but was trying using only native objects.

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