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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Sense Read ad hoc QVDs

Hello all,

I have been working with Qlik Sense the past 1 year, so i am quite new at this.. 

I came across with one very challenging request in which i will need your help. 

We want to create a Qlik Sense server in order to handle 5 Billion records per year. The main fact table will have 4.5 billion and the other 500 million will be dimensions and reference tables. Column number is minor compared with rows, I image 10-12 in main table and 4-5 in dimensions. Read only users will be 10-12 and 2 developers. 

My first question is if a 256 GB ram server with 1 T SSD could efficiently support the above request (I don't know if i will break it to dev node and prod node). 

And the second and more advanced question is if i can read ad hoc data from qvds. My plan is to store my main table in Daily QVDs(7 million records) in order to append data from my Oracle database. 

If an application has aggregated data from my main table in charts/KPIs etc and a user wants to drill down in a specific day (7 million rows in a QVD in Qlik server's storage) , can Qlik in real time load the specific QVD in the details Table? Or something similar to support my case. 

Thanks in Advance, 



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Can't answer the first question as I don't know how big your qvd's and apps are. You mention 5 billion records per year, but not how many years for example.

The second question sounds like a good use case for ODAP, i.e. On Demand App Generation.

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