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Qlik Sense- SAP business objects connector?

Hi all,

For  one of the projects, we need to extract data from SAP Business objects. Do you know if Qlik Sense has a SAP Business objects connector?

I checked the   Qlik Connector 6.5 for use with SAP NetWeaver ‒ Qlik Connectors and it has the following connectors in it but doesn't have Business objects connector.

  • SAP Extractor Connector
  • SAP SQL Connector
  • SAP BEx Connector
  • SAP InfoProvider Connector
  • BAPI connector


Any insights on this are appreciated.

Thank you,

Sujeet Shirude

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Re: Qlik Sense- SAP business objects connector?

Hi Sujeet,

When you say "Business objects" - I am assuming you mean the metadata layer provided by the acquired products from BO - BO Universe etc.? If that is the case, then no - Qlik does not have a BO connector. My only other thought on this, might be a 3rd party vendor - but I did some searching and only came up with an older Qlik post on some company named DataRocket - which had a connector for QlikView - however - I cannot locate the website.


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Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter


Re: Qlik Sense- SAP business objects connector?

Yes the meta-data layer as well as the data in BO report directly.

Thank you for confirming, Michael !