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Qlik Sense barchart sorting


I have a little bit problem and it is related to the sorting of a barchart.

I have a bar chart where I have dimension buckets like these:


The question is, how can I get this to sort the right order?

Obviously the Below and Over do not go anywhere at the moment, 'cause they start with the letter.

But for example, the 0 is on the right and does not make any sense.

One solution would be to name these every buckets to start with 0 -, but that would look stupid.

But the sorting order only has the option ascending or descending..

Any ideas?



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Re: Qlik Sense barchart sorting

Hi Niko,

Can you please send the expressions you have used on the dimension and the measures you have used.



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Re: Qlik Sense barchart sorting

Not really :/ I can try to generate some sample..

But it just generally puts values to different text-groups.

And I tried to use that for custom sorting with numbers from 1 to 14, but it does not still sort it right for some reason..