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Qlik Sense possible improvements


After exploring Qlik Sense (desktop & server), there are some improvements that could be usefull or that could, in my opinion, help Qlik Sense to be more easy to use :

  • A export/import documentation for measures and dimensions : the annotations that we can add for each measure or dimension is a valuable resource to help everyone to use or create sheets in a Qlik Sense application.  This resource is often already defined in a company or should exist in a "long term" format such as excel.  An export/import feature based on XLS or such format could be usefull to manage better the documentation of measures and dimensions.  Even better a "full documentation" could be exported from Qlik Sense defining the following elements for each dimension and measure : measure/dimension name, formula to compute measure/dimension, origin column if measure/dimension represents a column directly, tags.
  • Data model checkup : while creating my data model in Qlik Sense I noticed that the check for errors (syntax, bad column name, etc.) is done in the same time of the data loading.  If there is any error at the end of the process, every data has to be loaded again.  Why not a quick syntaxic or even a first "column load only" to check that everything is in order before lauching the loading of data ?
  • A dashboard for the QMC could be usefull to see quickly the last tasks executed or the running application and their status (updated, created, etc.)
  • In Qlik Sense server the data model view should be accessible.  The fact that the data model is hidden makes some tasks difficult.  Plus this view is really usefull to explain and see the data used.  I understand why this part is hidden but it should be accessible for some users.

I hope that this feedback will be usefull