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Qlik Sense section access for just one table

I have two fact tables in my data model, one table has all company data which everyone can see, another has employee specific data which is sensitive and unique to the employee, the tables are linked in the data model in a way that selecting an employee in the employee fact table will filter the company data, this is fine for the intended use.

The problem is that I have set up section access to restrict the employee fact table to the employee usernames, however, this security rule is propagating across to the company fact table when I don't want it to. Employee's logging in will see a subset of all company data rather than all of it even if they have not selected themselves in the employee table.

Is it possible with section access to limit the security rule to a single table so it does not propagate across the entire data model?

My other option seems to be splitting the data model into two unlinked star schemas to prevent the security rule propogating.

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