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Qlik Sep 2017: 'Greying out' lines in linechart, where year is fixed


I've just updated to the Qlik Sense Sep. 2017 version, an has run into an issue with my line charts. I'm not sure whether this is a bug or just a undesirable feature:

I have a line-chart with an expression where I ignore the current selection on the field 'Year'. I looks something like this:




In my line chart I also have the dimensions Month ('Jan', 'Feb', etc) and the lines are colored by the Year dimension, making me a nice chart showing me a line for each year with each their own color.

So here's the issue: when I select a specific year, let's say 2017, the chart will still show me a line for each year, though, only the 2017-line will have a color - all the other lines will be light grey, making it impossible to compare the sales on a year-to-year basis.

It seems like, the coloring are ignoring the 'Year=' part of my script, though the lines are including it.

This issue wasn't there before I updated to the Sep. 2017 version.

Have anyone had the same issue? And have you been able to fix it?

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