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Re: Qlik sense Balance Sheet

What output do you expect to see now? Would you be able to give me the numerical values when you select 02/03/2018 and numerical values when you select 02/04/2018

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Re: Qlik sense Balance Sheet

Final result for 02/03/2018:

- BTW (A) is now a sum of account number 61000 and 61100

BTW (A)6
Vennootschapsbelasting (A)15
Totaal activa31
BTW (P)0
Vennootschapsbelasting (P)0
Totaal passiva18


Final result for 02/04/2018:

- Here the BTW (P) has only a booking on account number 61000 so it will display fine just like all the rest who only have 1 account number. As soon as there is a combination of account numbers for a certain heading it won't display

BTW (A)0
Vennootschapsbelasting (A)0
Totaal activa2
BTW (P)-4
Vennootschapsbelasting (P)-7
Totaal passiva7


Also: the subtotals "totaal activa" and "totaal passiva" were empty

Re: Qlik sense Balance Sheet

Try this

If(Count(TOTAL <Rekening> DISTINCT FlagAPChangeSection) = 1, Sum(Saldo),
If(Sum(TOTAL <Rekening> Saldo) > 0, Sum({<FlagAPChangeSection = {'A'}>} Saldo), Sum({<FlagAPChangeSection = {'P'}>} Saldo)))
, Rekening, FlagAPChangeSection, [Balans Heading Management])

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Re: Qlik sense Balance Sheet

It worked! Wow, thank you so much for your help!!

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Re: Qlik sense Balance Sheet



This solution doesn't seem to work for me.  I would like to make a balance sheet i.e. a cumulative amount where I have a pivot table with Reporting Period as a column and Account as a row.  Note, in addition I have a number of other variables in both columns and rows.  The basic functionality should just make a cumulative total across Reporting Period for each of the other variables shown.


e.g. given underlying data of:

Account, Reporting Period, Amount

Premium, 2019, 10

Premium, 2021, 15


I would like to show:

Premium, 2019, 10

Premium, 2020, 10 (10+0)

Premium, 2021, 25 (10+0+15)


The problem is with the missing row in 2020 for example.