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QlikSense Date Format Issue

Straing a SiB with QlikSense and having issues with Date FOrmats.

I have my date format set correctly to MM/DD/YYYY

I am loading date from SQL table which has time so using the floor(date(datefield,'MM/DD/YYYY')) in load script for each datetime field.

Result in the application is the number format of the date instead of the date format above.  What am I missing?  There do not appear to be any options to format the date  dimensions in the desktop except in the script.  In QV, we can format in object or in document properties.  Sense has neither option that I am aware of.

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Re: QlikSense Date Format Issue

Swap the functions floor() and date(). Currenly, floor() is the outer function and it returns a number instead of a date:



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