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Contributor II
Contributor II

QlikSense Document Chaining with Special Character

I am trying to chain 2 qlikview documents but the issue is there's a space in the field names. Below is the URL, I am using . Here Orig. Part ID has spaces between Orig. and Part also between Part and ID. When I pass the parameter, the space is replaced with %20 and finally it's not reflecting in second QlikSense app.

='https://mydash.siemens.com/dev/sense/app/82bb8b2a-94d5-4b5b-947f-6e9f9/sheet/0953da1a-374c-4c88-8507...' &
'select/Orig. Part ID/' & GetFieldSelections([Similar Part], ';')

Please help me to know how I can handle it.




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