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New Contributor

QlikSense Extension Validated Event not firing

Qlik Sense v3.2

I am trying to capture the Validated event when a field selection is made.  I have tried capturing Validated, InValidated, Aborted, Cancelled and Closed and none fire.  When a field selection is made qlik.app.createGenericObject is called and run successfully but nothing else runs after that method completes.  Because createGenericObject executes I am assuming an event has fired.

I log the Validated object before and after calling bind and I see the observers collection updated.

This is the code I am using to add a function to the Validated event.


    console.info("model validated fired");


I know at one point in time I had this working and the event was firing.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.

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New Contributor

Re: QlikSense Extension Validated Event not firing

What I found is if a dimension and measure are not set for the extension the validated event doesn't fire. 


Re: QlikSense Extension Validated Event not firing

I had the same issue. Only on a single table / data-island the event triggered. I solved this by looking 1 level deeper then the actual model, like this:

$scope.component.model.app.Validated.bind( function () {

  console.info( 'Validated' );

} );

So looking at the app of model and now it always get triggered.