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QlikSense Greying a 'Text and Image' box

Hi all. I have a QlikSense dashboard in which I have a 'Text and Image' box which displays the 'Active number of customers=XYZ'.

However if some one selects any value (say. An area or Customer) then I want this 'Text and Image' box to completely grey out. Meaning the Active customers number is not applicable for the selection (Because this active customers are meant to be static). Please let me know how this could be implemented..!

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Re: QlikSense Greying a 'Text and Image' box

Just add {1} to the function you are using for the measure of active customers:

Sum({1} [active customer field name])

Count({1} [active customer field name])

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Re: QlikSense Greying a 'Text and Image' box

Eva Filep.

Now I have added 'Total Number of Active Customers: '&count({1} {$<Customer_Status={'ACTIVE'}>} Customer_Status) and when some selection is done the active customers are changing. However I want to grey out the 'Text and Image' box when some selection happens. Any solution for this?

thanks for your help