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QlikSense - Possiblity of on Open Action trigger or its alternative

Hi All,

In a QlikSense Dashboard,

I had the KPIs showing data of current Month(April,2017) by default on opening the report and when a selection is made on Month and Year concatenated filter, the data shows accordingly to the selection (after opening the report).

My Currently used expression is,

sum({<[MID] = {10},MonthAndYear=,MDate={'>=$(=Date(MonthStart(Max(MDate)),'MMM|DD|YYYY'))<=$(=Date(MonthEnd(Max(MDate)),'MMM|DD|YYYY'))'}>}value)

As a new interest, how can I show Prior one month (March,2017 if current month is April,2017) by DEFAULT on opening the report, but show data accordingly to the selected filter (like Feb,2017 selection shows Data of Feb,2017, Apr,2017 selection shows data of Apr,2017, and likewise...)


Praveena Kumar

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Re: QlikSense - Possiblity of on Open Action trigger or its alternative

If you ok using extensions, you could change your aproach.

There is available an extension in branch that allows to trigger several actions when open a sheet, include logic selections in a field.

I'm still improving it but currently it could work for that case.