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QlikSense Story Export Error

Hi guys,

i have a problem during the export of a story as pdf/ppt/.. from my Qlik Sense Enterprise 3.0.2 server.

If i try to export any kind of object directly from the analysis all goes fine, but if i try to export a story qlik return an error.

In this case the story contains 7 sheets with 5 objects for each sheet.

This morning i have done 5 story exports (of this story) and all goes fine, since this afternoon qliksense return this error (the story is the same of this morning, no change are made):

PDF Error.png

I have already tried to:

-Delete and re-create the story;

-Restart qlik sense services;

-Restart qlik sense server;

-Checked the permissions on %userdata%\documents\qlik\sense\exports folder (the folder do not exist, i have created it and set permissions);

-Checked %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\QSExport\ (the folder do not exist, i have created it and set permissions);

-Read the logs on C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\SensePrinting\ and subfodler but i haven't found any useful information.

The user i'm using is RootAdmin.

The printing service log are setted as:

Audit activity log level: Debug

Service log level: Info

Is there anyone can help me ?

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Re: QlikSense Story Export Error

I'm having the same issue. Were you able to fix it?


Re: QlikSense Story Export Error

Hello Michele,

try stop the Printing service and start again.



Re: QlikSense Story Export Error

In relation to the Export PDF issue....How do I stop the printing service and start it again?


Thank you!