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QlikSense Timeline/Chart/Milestone

I am trying to create a timeline of events. I don't know how to best "describe" this or begin to create this. I am looking to take the information below in excel, into a timeline of events. I want each "x" on the timeline to have the label of the milestone with its priority and date the milestone happened. Is there a better way of organizing the data? I am so lost on what type of chart to utilize. Ive spent a great deal of hours messing with distribution plot, bar chart, and line chart thinking one of those would work but so far nothing achieves a timeline look.


Column 1       Column 2     Column 3

Milestone A - 10/01/1999 - Priority 1
Milestone B - 02/01/2001 - Priority 2
Milestone C - 08/01/2005 - Priority 2
Milestone D - 06/01/2007 - Priority 1



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