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QlikSense pivot table challenge


Need help in creating a pivot table in QlikSense.

Input data:


Output in Qliksense Pivot table should be like below:


How to achieve this in Qliksense pivot table?


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Re: QlikSense pivot table challenge

Just loading the data and creating a pivot table with two dimensions and 1 measure should do it Gowtham.

See the attached QVF file for an example (copy it to C:\Users\<user.name>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps if you're in Qlik Sense Desktop to view it),


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Re: QlikSense pivot table challenge

Thanks Felip.

But my requirement is that i shouldn't show that measure column as you have given 1.

Output in the pivot table only should have two fields i.e. Capital and State.


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Re: QlikSense pivot table challenge

I see, well propably some extension could do it.

But a simple table won't have this "aggregation" factor your looking for, since it will get the different lines.

You could do some treatment on the table, so that the values for the same capital appear in the same row, like this:



    Concat(State,', ') as Col1,

FirstValue(Capital) as Col2

Resident data

Group by Capital;

Giving the "Field creation" table bellow:


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