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QlikSense security issue and roles

I have a disconnect somewhere.   I have a user who is a root admin, like me but unless I assign him to each stream, he cannot access the streams on the Hub.  I created a security rule that gave him app and stream and  was trying this just to see if I could get him the streams but nothing happened.  I cannot figure out how to assign the rule anywhere at all. what the heck am I missing?  If I look at each stream's user list he is on the list but those streams do not appear for him in the hub.

any help would be appreciated

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Re: QlikSense security issue and roles

did you publish the Dashboard ?

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Re: QlikSense security issue and roles

The person I am trying to set up this security with has published all of them.

I created the streams and he created all the apps and published them all.

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