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Qs- loading data elements from excel

Hello everyone,

                        I have a query regarding how to load column that has three different data elements in one column in an excel and want to extract those elements differently in qliksense . how do i do that?

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Qs- loading data elements from excel

Maybe The Generic Load can help

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Re: Qs- loading data elements from excel


What are the data like in your column ?

Does they get a separator like / or ; or whatever ?

You should share a piece of example of what your excell column look like

for example , if your excell column named My_column get this kind of data :

John / 28 / Seatle ( where you have a name , an age , and town for example ) and you want 3 columns for each value

You can use this function :

SubField(text, delimiter[, field_no ])

SubField(My_Column, '/', 1) as Name,

SubField(My_Column, '/', 2) as Age,

SubField(My_Column, '/', 3) as Town,

Hope it helps