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Question regarding the usage of aggr

I want to calculate standard deviation divided by the avg value . I know the basic function but there is a problem.

I want to calculate the standard deviation at product level considering the other filters ( Like Date,Customer , Supplier) .

In table my dimension is Week that is fine and working fine but It is summing the quantity across the products while calculating the standard deviation. I want it to do the aggregation at product level while calculating the stdev/avg and the show the average.

Not sure how exactly we neef to write it  hence showing two different approaches in below expression

/stdev(  if((LeadTimeInWeeks >=AbsDeltaWeek), aggr(sum(DemandQty),DeltaWeek),Null()))

/avg(if((LeadTimeInWeeks >=AbsDeltaWeek), aggr(sum(DemandQty),ProductName),Null()))

Qlik documentation can add more example for aggr , I feel.

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Re: Question regarding the usage of aggr

I resolved with the help of video found on youtbute.