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R Script Syntax Help


I am trying to get a working time series forecast in Qlik Sense.  At first I tried the Advanced Analytics Toolbox, but the time series components of that extension are broken and do not work as intended.  I was able to do the analysis that I wanted in R Studio as a proof of concept, and now I want to reproduce the results in Qlik Sense.  The goal is to get ARIMA forecast predictions for each future month.

I have been able to get simple R scripts to work such as:

R.ScriptEval('variable = q$test; variable',

Sum([REVENUE]) as test


and the data is properly sliced by the dimension in the line graph.

I have written the following analysis in R which correctly creates and ARIMA model and forecasts future periods:




arima = read.csv("diagm.csv")

vals = arima$rev

vals = as.numeric(vals)

tsobj = ts(vals, start = c (2014, 10), end = c(2018, 5), frequency = 12)


ar = auto.arima(tsobj, ic = "bic")


fc = forecast(ar, h = 12)


autoplot(fc) + ggtitle("Monthly Revenue Forecast") + xlab("Month") + ylab("Revenue") +

  scale_y_continuous(labels = scales::comma)

By dissecting the code of others I think that my Qlik Sense R script is close, but it is not yielding results.  Right now my best try is:




data = ts(na.omit(q$Measure), frequency = 12);

fit = auto.arima(data);

res = forecast(fit, h = 12);


Sum(REVENUE) as Measure


Please let me know if you are familiar with forecasting with R in Qlik Sense or if my coding errors are apparent.


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Re: R Script Syntax Help

Hello Elliot, I have been trying the same with unfortunately very dismal results. Could you tell me what error the R server is showing when you're applying this script? Also, please share the dataset if you can.