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Range Filter Selections

I'm attempting to create a filter with option selectors for months 6 months out from a value, in my case SERVICE_DATE. I've read that I could use =pick(math( for this, and my formula looks like:


=pick(match(-1,SERVICE_DATE <= addmonths(SERVICE_DATE,6) and SERVICE_DATE <= addmonths(SERVICE_DATE,5) and SERVICE_DATE <= addmonths(SERVICE_DATE,4) and SERVICE_DATE <= addmonths(SERVICE_DATE,3) and SERVICE_DATE <= addmonths(SERVICE_DATE,2) and SERVICE_DATE <= addmonths(SERVICE_DATE,1)),'6 Months','5 Months','4 Months','3 Months','2 Months','1 Month')


Not having much luck. It will display for me '6 Months' as an option, but no others.

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