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Range slider not showing values in QlikSense 3.1

Hi all,

We have been using the Range slider extension in our apps now for quite a while, with great success.

However, on moving to v. 3.1 the high/low values that show on the slider are no longer there (screenshot attached).  Previously, my low and high values would show up and they would adjust depending where the user dragged the values to.


Working Slider.PNG

Now what we see:

Non working slider.PNG

Is this a known issue in 3.1 or is there something we're missing?  As of now the user would have to manually "count" the tick marks they are moving and that's not very ideal.  Thanks in advance!

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Honored Contributor

Re: Range slider not showing values in QlikSense 3.1

It is very possible that the extension has not been updated for 3.1.  Have you checked Qlik Branch and/or contacted the person that created it?

Honored Contributor III

Re: Range slider not showing values in QlikSense 3.1

With upgrade of the server make sure that you are using updated extensions.