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RangeSum Question


I have firsft funnel chart with measure: RangeSum(Below(Count(distinct lead_id),0,RowNo())).

And second funnel chart with measure: Count(distinct lead_id).

I have good result for stages: Успешно реализовано, Договор подписан, Подписание назначено, Бронь закончена, Забронирован, Показ совершен. 

And I have differens result for stage Показ назначен!

For stage Показ назначен  I have 109 unique lead_id in second funnel chart (measure Count(distinct lead_id))

So, I expected that this 109 unique lead should muliplate with 812 value in previous row on first funnel chart (measure RangeSum(Below(Count(distinct lead_id),0,RowNo())).

But I have 849 value in first funnel chart on Показ назначен stage.

Can you help me? I don't understand what 849 value means.

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Re: RangeSum Question

And I tryed change order and the result got correct!

My measure:

if (ВоронкаПродаж = 'Новое обращение', count(distinct lead_id)

,RangeSum(above(Count(distinct lead_id),0,RowNo()))


How order can change result?

My sorting formula:

Match(ВоронкаПродаж,'Закрыто и не реализовано','Новое обращение','Назначена/Принят', 'Принят в работу','Потребности выявлены','Показ назначен','Показ совершен','Забронирован','Бронь закончена'

,'Подписание назначено','Договор подписан','Успешно реализовано')

Funnel Chart_change order.png