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Rank Functions and KPI Displays

Good morning,

I've gone through several posts and tried options from:



This last link was Sunny's and it is amazing!  But I must be missing something because I couldn't make it work in my situation.  He uses:  Only({$<Destination={"Australia"}>}Aggr(Rank(Sum(Selection)), Destination)), I would need this to aggregate and rank by Product_Style_Code and Season - we're using filters and not specifying either of these fields in the expression.

I've attached a screenshot of the table the data lives in.  The user would like the data from the Filtered Rank column expressed in a KPI.  The column is an expression:  RANK(TOTAL -AVG({$}RATE_THIS_DRESS))

Is there a correct way to use that expression in a KPI?

Right now we're hard coding the KPI box, but I'd like to move away from that.


Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions you may have,





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