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Reload in Qlik Sense with parameters from a filtered field


Currently I'm struggling with a solution which would like to use the current selection as a parameter by reload in Qlik Sense.

The situation: I have a web source and I would like to reload the data based on the current selection by the application.

So the link of the source like: www.websource.com?p1=SELECTEDSTATES and I replaced the SELECTEDSTATE part with a variable, which defined in the variable editor as: GetFieldSelections([State],';',60) but when I run the script and reload the app, it does not replace with the content of the variable, just with the definition of the formula.

Is there any idea, how to pass inQlik Sense a selected field value by the reload?



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Re: Reload in Qlik Sense with parameters from a filtered field

Hi Péter,

The selection on the user interface usually don't interact with load script.

You can achive this functionality through extansion, that manioulate a value of a variable. (qsVariable - Qlik Branch)

  • You should set a variable in Load script, that the qsVariable can manipulate.
  • Edit your load statement this variable as parameter
  • Reload data, and the value of variable will affect your query.


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Re: Reload in Qlik Sense with parameters from a filtered field

Thanks your quick response.

The problem is the selector what you mentioned above should contains pre-defined values and layer.

Basically we would like to implement an app, which handover the selected states from a map to the loading script for further analysis.

In QlikView I found a workaround with triggering fields and variables, but in sense I did not found that option.

Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance and best regards,