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Remove rows from table

I have some table:

In second column I have sum(x), these values are more or less 0.
I'd like remove rows where values are less 0.

How can I do it?

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Re: Remove rows from table

Assuming you have only one dimension, in column 1, in that table and it's name is DimA then change all measures, i.e. columns 2,3,4 and 5. Change sum(x) to sum({<DimA={"=sum(x)<>0"}>}x). Add the bold part to all the expressions. If your dimension is not called DimA then replace DimA with the correct name.

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Re: Remove rows from table

at the expresion:

     =if(sum(revenue)<0, null(), sum(revenue))

and in properties table, Presentation tab, set delete when is null

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Re: Remove rows from table

Do with set analysis.

Change Sum( X ) to Sum({<DimA={"=Sum( X )<>0"}>} X)

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Re: Remove rows from table

For one column, I done, thanks.
How can I do, show rows where sum values in second column OR third column more 0 ?