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Restricting the available dimensions in a Pie chart

Hi, hopefully this is a simple one (and I'm sure I have done it before?) but I'm trying to limit a dimension in a Pie Chart in Qlik Sense

I have the following data relationship (simplified for the example)

Usage Group           Call Class

Voice                           Call Class 1

Voice                           Call Class 2

Voice                           Call Class 3

Data                            Call Class 4

Data                            Call Class 5

Data                            Call Class 6

SMS                            Call Class 7

SMS                            Call Class 8

As each Usage Group has a different unit of measure e.g. voice is seconds, data is KB etc I just want a Pie Chart that allows the Call Classes associated with Voice to be displayed and the % mix of secs for the each Call Class to be displayed.

Is it possible to limit the pie chart in this manner?

I have had some success in this by using set analysis as follows:

(sum({$<USAGE_CHARGE_GROUP={'VOICE'}>}ACTUAL_DURATION))/60 and I only see the Call Classes associated with Voice in the pie chart but the legend shows all the Call Classes



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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Kevin,

In your pie chart, do this:

+ Dimension: =If([Usage Group]='Voice', [Call Class])

   Remember to uncheck Include Null values

+ Measure: Sum(ACTUAL_DURATION)/60


Thanks Quy, that's worked a treat.