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Same date value, different weekday values

Hi all,

i recently came across with a problem within Qlik sense.

with the script below, i got 2 different weekday returned

SET FirstWeekDay=6;

LET vQVD_TS = '15/02/2018';

LET vDAY2=NUM(WEEKDAY($(vQVD_TS1)))&'.'&WEEKDAY($(vQVD_TS1)); //6.Sat
LET vDAY3=NUM(WEEKDAY('15/02/2018'))&'.'&WEEKDAY('15/02/2018'); //4.Thu

i tried all sorts of date convertion, nothing woked. It seems to me that if a date value is in variable, weekday will not wok properly

i wonder if it is a bug or i was doing something wrong here.

Hope someone can shed some light for me.

thanks in advance.

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Re: Same date value, different weekday values

I guess, it's about $ expansion issue and not a bug. Try using any date function while defining the varibale like:

LET vQVD_TS = MakeDate(2018,2,15)          // instead if '15/02/2018';

It should work fine then.

LET vQVD_TS = '15/02/2018';    // this doesn't work potentially because, with $-expansion, '/' could be interpreted as division operator. And that gives you a different unwanted number.

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Re: Same date value, different weekday values

Thanks Tresesco, i think i worked it out. i believe you are right, it is to do with $ expansion.

however makedate did not work, instead, i put single quotes around $(vQVD_TS) and solved the problem.

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