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Scalability with Dynamic Dimension (Qlik Sense)

Suppose I have application that shows order information. Initially the application was built to show information regarding when the order was placed. After the application was placed in production for a few weeks the customer decides they would also like to see the same information regarding orders but this time they want to replace “Order Date” with “Delivery Date”. To increase scalability, I would like to modify the existing app to have a Dynamic Dimension for date. I was thinking maybe a radio button for “Order Date” / “Delivery Date”. Then create an “if statement” that will set a variable to the relevant value. I would then use the generic/dynamic date variable based on the button value in my set analysis instead of the current hard coded “Order Date” (filtering on the variable field might be clunky). I suspect there might be better ways to handle this situation so I thought I would get a few other opinions before I started building. Any examples, ideas or constructive criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Scalability with Dynamic Dimension (Qlik Sense)

I suggest looking into Canonical Date and implementing this if you don't already have this... and then you will have to somehow toggle between the dates, but the transition will be much smoother and it will give you the opportunity to compare Order Date and Delivery Date on the same access if you ever need that. For example, if you want to know in a single chart how much was ordered in Jan and how much got delivered in Jan, Canonical Date will make it possible

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