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Scatter plot bubble borders

Hi All,

With a recent Qlik Sense upgrade (from Sep 2017 to June 2018) the borders around bubbles in a scatter plot seem to have disappeared. Bubbles with the same colour that overlap now appear to be fused together (like melted cheese) rather than bubbles stacked on top of each other. Please see images below using Sep17 and Jun18 of similar scatterplots to visualise this. I couldn't find a setting that allows borders around bubbles to be added in the Jun 2018 version of Qlik Sense, so is this the new norm (a backwards step maybe) or is there something that I can do to avoid MELTED CHESSE !! btw I don't wish to add a colour gradient, add more colours or spread the bubbles etc. I just want bubble borders.

Any suggestions ?


Bubbles with Borders.PNGMelted Cheese.PNG