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Scripting help improvements

Hi all,

Based on your helpful feedback, the doc team at Qlik is improving the Qlik Sense scripting help.

For the November release, we added chart expression and load script examples for “if” here.

Examples for other scripting functions are being added for the February 2019 release.

We have already learned some lessons from this work, and will apply it going forward as we continue to prioritize the work based on page views, number of comments (including ratio of helpful/unhelpful), and of course the comments themselves.

Please continue to use the Did this information help you? button at the bottom of the help topics. We appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for choosing Qlik.


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Re: Scripting help improvements

As a full-time Qlik user, I have been pleased to see these improvements to the online help documentation.  I use the help regularly and provide feedback (helpful yes/no + feedback when I have an idea for improvement).

I can also say that we actively follow feedback submitted -- so don't be shy! Provide concrete ideas on how we can improve. Thanks!