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Search Index


We upgraded to Qlik Sense 3.1 and now our apps are indexed at the end of the reload.

I found out how to turn it off, but i was wondering what the benefits of the search index are.

I'm trying to make up my mind about turning it of or leaving it on. It does take a lot of extra time in some reloads, so that would be my reason to turn it off.

Does anyone know what the pro's are of using the search index?

What to you use it for?

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Re: Search Index

From the online help file:

The benefit of creating search index files during data reload is that you avoid the waiting time experienced by the first user making a search. This needs to be weighed against the longer data reload time required by search index creation.

So, have the choice. Precalculate the indexes or the first user to search gets to be the unlucky loser.

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