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Section Access - Data not Loaded for 0 rows

Dear Community Members,

I am using section access in my app. 

I have multiple independent tables fetching data from same or different environments.

Now if suppose 1 or more of these tables does not have any data (basically returning 0 rows of data as per the respective filter selection), then because of section access, data is not loaded in the app for other tables also. It gives the below message:

"Access was denied after reload. Check that the user that reloads the script is included in the section access part of the script."

"Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again."


Now if i remove the section access column for that respective table, then data will load in the app.

I want the data to be loaded in the app even if there are no rows(0 rows ) returned for any table.

Please suggest.


Thank you