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Section Access Options on User Experience

Hi Community,

I'm looking for some feedback on how others have handled section access for cases where data might not exist in the application but the user still has access to the report. 

The QlikView user experience is that the application simply doesn't display for them. For example, User J.Smith has been given access to the account 'BigCo' in the application 'mysalesportal' but there are no 'BigCo' records so they don't see the 'mysalesportal' application in the access point. 

In Qlik Sense (QS June 2019 Patch 6 - 13.32.9) the same setup would render the 'mysalesportal' application in the stream, J.Smith will click on it and then promptly receive an error message.  

What have folks done to work around this issue? Do you just let it happen and do user education to mitigate it? Is it possible to create a 'blank' record that allows access to empty visualizations? 

I'd love to hear what others have done around this.



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Re: Section Access Options on User Experience

We have a financial application that also has salary information.  Only some of the users should see the salary information and it is limited by their department.  Within the Section Access script, I assigned all the application users to a dummy department.  This allows them to connect to the application and view the financial information without having access to the salary information.