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Section Access - Problem to open file on server as Admin


I am trying to open a Qlikview file on the server. My account is registered as Admin under ACCESS. When I try to open the file on the server I get told that I don´t have access to this document. When I open it locally I have no problems. Also other users which are registered as USERS can access the document and section access with strict exclusion works properly.

I know that when I open a document on the server everyone gets treated as User.

I also know that " * " means "all listed values" and not every value.

What I tried already is that I got rid of the " * " and added each Region I need access to in the section access/section application load script.

The User which performing the reload from the server is also added as Admin user and the reload performs well. When I open the stored file locally all data is available.

I would highly appreciate your help.



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Re: Section Access - Problem to open file on server as Admin

Hi Stefan,

I think you should place your question on QlikView section. This is Qlik Sense section.

For your question you can read this article, there's information about access levels in section access.


Access Levels in Section Access

Access to QlikView documents can be authorized for specified users or groups of users. In the security table, users can be assigned to the access levels ADMIN or USER. If no access level is assigned, the user cannot open the QlikView document.

A person with ADMIN access can change everything in the document. Using the Security page in the Document Properties and Sheet Properties dialogs, a person with ADMIN access can limit the users’ possibilities of modifying the document. A person with USER privileges cannot access the Security pages.

ADMIN rights are only relevant for local documents! Documents opened on a Server are always accessed with USER rights.