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Security framework - Sense QMC


I am using Qliksense November 2017 version.

This is regarding designing a security framework in the QMC for onboarding new users - like the minimum inputs we need to have to onboard a new user or a new stream, the controls we have to implement while giving privileges to the users etc.

And we need to have some thing like a stream-specific-content-admin. They should have all privileges like a content admin, but they should be restricted to one stream. The user should only see the apps, data connections etc related to his stream, and nothing else. I guess I need to implement these using security rules and custom properties, but my understanding is very vague.

Also, I would like to know the various roles I need to keep - may be a developer role, read only user role, admin role etc per stream.

I invite your views and suggestions on this.

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Re: Security framework - Sense QMC

Please share your suggestions.

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Re: Security framework - Sense QMC

I recommend going through this video:


It helped me a lot to understand security rules concept and I think the approach presented in the video might be expandable to data connections etc.

Hope this helps.


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