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Security rules to allow publishing selected Apps, but not only own Apps


we need to configuarate a security rule that allow to an user to publish apps that own to an other user who belongs to the same group of the first user. e.g.

1) User1 has two custom properties: Manufactory and Publisher

2) User2 has two customer properties: Manufactory and User

3) User3 has two customer properties: Admistration and User

4) User1,User 2 and User 3 create three different APP, APP1 ,APP2,APP3

5) User1 access to QMC and is able to publish APP1,APP2 but not APP3

well, I have read the Qlik Help and Now I created a Rule that allows to User1 to access to QMC and publish an APP, but he is able to publish only Own App (APP1) and Not APP2.

Is Anybody able to hel me ?

Thanks a lot


3 Replies

Did you define these users as Document Administrators or QlikView Administrators?


Sorry, I posted the answer in the wrong area


Is not there solution to my problem ? How is ti resolved in other large company ?

1) there is administrator group that publish everything

2) everyone creates and publishes own app

Is there the third solution ?