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Seeking info on delay between reloading and viewing refreshed data.

Can anyone shed some light on the nature of the delay between reloading of a QlikSense app via QMC task, and the viewing of the refreshed data in an instance of the app that's already open in a browser?

1) Will the data being viewed in the opened app refresh automatically following app reload?

2) Does the user have to perform some kind of action (or avoid performing any actions) in order to trigger viewing of the refreshed data?

3) If the refresh is not "action triggered" what is the typical delay between reload of the app and refresh of the viewed data?

4) Correct to assume the delay is dependent on the "size" of the application; ie the amount of data involved and possibly the number of open instances?

5) Is any part of this interaction configurable either as an application or QMC setting? I know in Qlikview you could configure when/how an application would respond to data refresh.



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