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Sense - Combo chart


I'm using sense 2.2.

I need to build a combo chart of 'Connected' and 'Not Connected' devices by month - which means I need to use 2 expressions with set analysis. I also need to add a line with a third expression.

I need to color the bars in specific colors and can't seem to find a way to do so!

I need to reference each expression with a different color.

it's not like with a dimension where I can say 'if(status='Connected', green(), yellow().

here I have 2 expressions:

count({<Status={"Connected">}id) --> (needs to be in green)

count({<Status={"Not Connected">}id) --> (needs to be in Yellow)

Any ideas?



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Re: Sense - Combo chart

It's not possible to assign colors to individual measures in the combo chart. If you really need that you'll have to find or create an extension that offers that functionality.

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