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Sense: Default Script and Default Sheets

Good Day All.

We have a couple of questions regarding customizing the Qlik Sense's Default Script/Sheets as follow:

  • Does anyone know how to customize the default "Data Load Script" provided by Qlik Sense?

It will be very helpful to us that the "default data load script" contains some custom sections with code we developed to address our corporate standards (We had written subs, variables, standard qvds); it is a pain in the neck telling all the people involved with creating Qlik Sense Dashboard to manually add them.

  • We want to customize the default Application Overview with predefined sheets:

Our scenario is that brand new Qlik Sense Applications (just after clicking on Create new app at the Qlik Sense Hub) automatically include a Cover sheet as well as Change Log sheet; obviously, these sheets will have their content.

We are trying to standardize Qlik Sense and make developers workflow easier, adding extra steps does not help, beside, some of our developers are not professional or career "developers", they are just regular organization staff taken advantage of Qlik Sense powerful Visualization features, it will be cumbersome for them to use their time creating each time "Cover" and "Change Log" sheets or adding extra sections to the Load Script.

Ideas and suggestions to address our needs will be highly appreciated


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Re: Sense: Default Script and Default Sheets


I do not know if it's possible to add these options to Qlik's default new app creating process without "hacking" into QS code, but I do think that you can use few options to simplify your Development process:

1. You can create a set of script files to be included into each application (DB connector strings, variables, etc). So the only thing your developers need to do is to add one of few "#include" statements into the script.

2. You can create a template App (with all necessary modifications) and publish it into "Everyone" stream. So your developers will just need to "Duplicate" this Template app into their own Work stream and start adding their code.



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Re: Sense: Default Script and Default Sheets

Thanks Vladimir,

Your second suggestion was given to us by our Qlik's Vendor, so we are waiting for the Qlik Sense Server to play with that idea!



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