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Session Recovery in Qlik Sense

A business user asked us if s/he could keep selections so when s/he opens an app (a sheet), s/he can get the saved selections from the previous session.

We know there is a feature (Recovery Session) in QlikView Server.

Is this feature available in Qlik Sense Server?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Session Recovery in Qlik Sense

Why not just create a bookmark?

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Re: Session Recovery in Qlik Sense

Thanks Kevin.  That would be a solution.  The point is that the user will need to create a bookmark each time he leaves the session.  This force the user to not forget to create a bookmark before leaving the session.

Again, what you said would be a solution.  We're looking for a more "automatic" feature, like Session Recovery in QlikView Server.

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Re: Session Recovery in Qlik Sense

I'm also looking for the session recovery function in Qlik Sense. I've searched the QMC without any success.

If a user has made a selection in an app and then goes away for the length of the session the selection will be cleared when the user returns. Since there is a function in QlikView that solves this it would be great if the same functionallity also comes to Qlik Sense.

Is the only solution to make the session timeout longer? That is not a particulary good solution since it will put extra load on the server.