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Session Timeouts and Mashups

We're working on a tool that is a literal mashup of an AngularJS application with Qlik Sense components. The primary portion of the application is NOT Qlik based, however, there are Qlik components are integrated into some of the subsequent pages. On that note, is there a way to get around the Qlik session timeout when using the rest of the application?

For example, the main section of the page does not load any Qlik objects, but instead does separate web services calls to obtain data (Qlik was not an option for the kind of data being retrieved). However, since it is not making any changes or navigation to the Qlik objects that exist on some of the other parts of the application, and lives on the Qlik web server, the Qlik session times out. This is despite making all kinds of other front end actions... just not Qlik actions.

I had thought of possibly "hiding" a Qlik object within that main page that is pinged every once and a while just to keep the web socket connection open, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. In addition to the worry that it will eat up Access Passes or license tokens. Any ideas?