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Set Analysis and Alternate State

Dear Community Experts,

I am facing an issue with Set Analysis and Alternate State using a Variable.

Same Expression is working fine with out any Alternate State but not working in Alternate Statement.(Different Variable created)

=sum({<[Field1]={"abcd"},[Q & Y Name]={"$(VCurrentQtr)"},Month=,Year=>} [Amount])

Please help.

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Re: Set Analysis and Alternate State

Where is the alternate state here? Can you may be share a sample to show what is not working?

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Re: Set Analysis and Alternate State

Thanks Sunny for the reply I have fixed it, but I have one more issue. I am using expression like below and it is giving right result for selected period.

Sum(if(Aggr(Avg(TOTAL <[Field1]> [ Rollups)])>'12', [Field1]),1,0))

But I want rolling 6 periods on line chart and when I am trying to use set Analysis it is not working.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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