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Set Analysis for the whole APP

Hi, is there any way I can use a set analysis for the entire app in qlik sense cloud, this way info is hidden the whole time? Example, just show a couple os regions instead of visualizing the entire thing? I know  you can filter this, but what I want to do is use this so that some users don't see the entire thing.


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Re: Set Analysis for the whole APP

You have a couple of options.

One would be to exclude the unwanted data during reload by adding the appropriate conditions to your load statements.

Another would be to create a variable and define it as your set analysis string. For example:

Let  mySA  = "{<[State]={'RI','MA','NH','VT','CT','ME'}>}";

Then you can add $(mySA) to any chart expression you want to limit. For example: avg($(mySA) income)

I'm sure there are other options as well.

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Re: Set Analysis for the whole APP

You may like to use Section access to reduce data for specific users.