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Set Analysis with combined date and rank


I'm trying to get a set analysis right (in QLIK Sense) to display the top candidates for today, yesterday etc.

That works and displays the entries from today correctly:

count( {$ <myDate= {"$(=date(today(1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"} > } myName)

That works and displays my top 10:

Count({<myName= {"=rank(count({<myCondition= {'A','B'}>}myName), 4)<= 10"}>} myName)

However I'm tried in vain to get the top 10 of today's entries

Count({<myName= {"=rank(count({$ <myDate= {"$(=date(today(1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"} > } myName), 4)<= 10"}>} myName)

Can anyone help me please.Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Set Analysis with combined date and rank

Try this:

In the script use Date() function around myDate so that it gets assigned the default Date() function in the script. Once it gets default assigned, you won't have to use Datefield format in the expression above.

LOAD Date(myDate) as myDate,



And then this:

Count({<myName= {"=Rank(Count({$<myDate= {'$(=Date(Today(1)))'}>} myName), 4) <= 10"}>} myName)

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Re: Set Analysis with combined date and rank

Thank you Sunny, I tried it but it doesn't work.

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