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Contributor III
Contributor III

Set analysis in graph

Hello Community,

Im currently working on developing a count of students that completed a module.

my logic looks like this:

Count(DISTINCT {$<Student = {"=Sum({<Question = {'Question 1','Question 2','Question 3', 'Question 4','Question 5','Question 6'}>} [Correct answers]) = 6 "}>} Student)

each Module is has 6 questions and all 6 need to be complete to finish the module..

my problem is that when I place this logic from a gauge to a bar chart it gives me the same number across all modules.

I understand that the statement is connect to one module but I am unsure how to do the set analysis between different modules.

any thoughts??

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Would you be able to provide a sample to look at this Michael?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Questions - FR 1-3 and PFMEA 1-3 are Module 1

MPFMEA 1-3 and QRA 1-3 are Module 2

StudentQuestionNumber of questionsQuestions answeredCorrect answersScore
Mike GoldshteynFR 1111100
Mike GoldshteynFR 2111100
Mike GoldshteynFR 3111100
Mike GoldshteynPFMEA 1111100
Mike GoldshteynPFMEA 2111100
Mike GoldshteynPFMEA 3111100
Mike GoldshteynMPFMEA 1111100
Mike GoldshteynMPFMEA 2111100
Mike GoldshteynMPFMEA 3111100
Mike GoldshteynQRA 1111100
Mike GoldshteynQRA 2111100
Mike GoldshteynQRA 3111



Problem is that I am not sure how this information is needed in a bar chart. Is there going to be a bar for 1 student? or what exactly are you looking to plot here?

Contributor III
Contributor III

I am looking to plot a completion of all students per module.

Though I was able to figure out how to display the information I needed through the rangesum() function.