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Severe bug in data load editor!!! Sep 2018 release, auto-complete. Help!

Using the latest Qlik Sense release (September 2018 update 1).

I wanted to share a severe bug that has caused me to lose weeks of work.  I can reproduce it.

Confirmed happening in the following browsers (haven't tested others yet).

Edge: Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

Chrome:  Version 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Firefox:  62.0.3

Steps to reproduce:

1) Open the data load editor.

2) Add some sections (can be blank, doesn't matter).

3) go to one of the sections as start typing in any keyword that brings up a "Template" for autocomplete.  I used the key word "Hierarchy".


4) Select one of the templates (doesn't matter which one) by either clicking it or pressing the Tab key.  This starts the bug.

4a) All subsequent sections from the one just edited will have this code copied into it (overwriting what was there!).  Even the "locked" auto-generated section gets it's code overwritten.


5) If you navigate to other sections above, it will also copy all the code from that section down.

6) if you hit Save - it will save the code bit to all those sections and you've lost everything.  Instead - reload the browser page to return to your last save point - but if you've done a ton of work before the last save you'll lose it all.  That's better than losing everything like me...

This is a pretty bad bug for me...  can anyone else reproduce?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

I had the exactly same problem here. This bug is frustrating.
I almost lose a lot of work if was not the backup that I made yesterday. (Lucky, because I make it rarely).

I strongly recommend users to make backups of QVFs, I already had two unfortunately circumstances of QVFs bugged that made me lose a lot of work.

I just updated to November 18. And apparently it fixed the QVF in just some of the sections (not all, maybe when I was trying to solve in Sep release I copied the same code to almost every section). Whatever, maybe it can be a way to save the QVF from the bug. At least we can save the objects (charts) to another QVF (ctrl c + ctrl v).

Also this bug has been fixed  Smiley Very Happy  No problem using the auto-complete in the news apps on this release.

I hope to learn a lot here and help if I can