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Sharing/Support on sheet in my zone - Help end users with Vizualization

My users on Qlik sense can create their own sheets in the apps that are assigned to them.

What happen is, they will create an sheet and then when they cannot do some visualization or don't know how to add some data on the visual part they will call me for support.

The struggle I have is how do I support them remotely. I am doing screen sharing and I will take their mouse and do what they want.

This is not an efficient way of doing it.

Is there I way I can access their sheet and modify/add what needs to be done without the screen sharing.

What i want to do is instead of calling me, to make them open a ticket and to delegate that task to few support analyst.

Can the users give me permission to change the visualization?

Or to better put it, what do I need to do so a support analyst can login to the user app and modify the visualization.

I have setup a rule previously, all the sheets that are coming with the app, the users cannot change them by default, they need to duplication them in order to change the visualization.

Hope anyone will come up with some ideas.

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