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Contributor II
Contributor II

Showing date where goal is met

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to add a field(s) to a table visualization that captures the "days in" and "date" where an internal goal was met. Lets say the "goal" is a dimension and the "event" is an aggregation where the formula is:



I need the date when count({<event_type={15,16}>}event_type) > goal. Plus I can't have it change the next time the app loads.


For "days in", I use:

TODAY() - start_date


I also need the "days in" associated with the "date" above that the goal is reached. 

The desired output would be:

segment       start_date          goal            event_total               days_in                     date     

1                         5/1/19               1000                  1000                              7                          5/8/19

2                          5/1/19               500                    498                               -                                 -

3                          3/1/19               200                    200                              30                           3/31/19


I appreciate any help.