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Sort data into two categories


I have some data that needs sorting. The problem is that once the if condition is fulfilled by a value, that value gets sorted and cant be accessed again. As an example, say I need to sort one value into two categories. For the sake of the example let this be that I have the following task:

If([color]='red', 'red',

if([color]='red','RGB,'not assigned))

So basically I want to assign the value 'red' to its own category and to 'RGB'. How is that done?

I've been struggling with this for a long time now.

Thank you so much!

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Re: Sort data into two categories

you can categorize any value into one classification bucket at a time..

to achieve the your requirement, try to create 2 separate fields instead of 1 field...

If([color]='red', 'red','not assigned') as Calsifcation1,

If([color]='red', 'RGB','not assigned') as Calsifcation2..

you can try like this also..

If([color]='red', 'red-RGB','not assigned') as Calsifcation3

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Re: Sort data into two categories

Thanks for the reply, I see your point. However, how can I access these new created buckets?